E-commerce entrepreneur certification course 2024

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  • What is e-commerce A simple yet comprehensive information about e-commerce and how it can benefit you ahead to build your successful online business helping you to make alot of money.
  • How to start online business Its a common troubled question as everyone now understand that online business can make big money but most people are unable to understand how to start, so the chapter addresses that very topic.
  • What to sell from your online store A million dollar question, yes because right information can make you millions of dollars in online business. The chapter is an extract of real successful online business to help you identity the super product, that product/s which will make you good profit and sales.
  • How to choose best technology or marketplace This is very critical decision choosing the wrong platform can not only make you spend more and be expensive but it can also waste so much of you time and money that you will finally get frustrated and give up you online dream. This chapters explains the pitfall as well give you some hidden secrets of how to build online business for free.
  • How to add product to your store A simple yet important chapter explaining in simple steps how to add products and what to do and what not to do.
  • How to build your own brand As you learn the other important things about online business, finally there is an important need to put emphasis on building your brand which helps you to extend your successful journey of online business and create your own brand identity online.
  • Choose payment gateway for your online store Money matters the most while you have learn’t about everything else that is still not all as remember the while objective of online business is to make money so if you choose wrong payment option it could cost you losses. Chapter covers important information about payment options best suited for products type and country you selling from.
  • Writing great policies for your online store This is where customer leaves your store without buying anything because he is not happy with your policy or its language. Chapter store policies topics.
  • How to do marketing of your online store Running online business demands a good marketing not necessarily big money which a wrong notion. There are way to market well and even market for free and yet make big sales, and that is what this chapter covers.
  • How to turn visitor of your website into a buyer Traffic is not what matters conversion is what matters the most, don’t run for traffic work smartly for more conversion. Its better to get 20 customers daily than 1000 visitors and 0 (zero) sales. Guides you through the simple methods and strategies on conversion.
  • Things to do once you receive your order Managing the order is most important task as not only it gets you customer loyalty but helps you to get more customers by recommendations.
  • Review from your customer and build a relationship Review is even what you look each time you buy something online so would your customers, chapter explains about the important of reviews and how to use them for more sales.

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