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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ECU ?

ECU is headquartered in Europe in capital of Ukraine popular for Ecommerce platforms. Kiev is an important industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural centre of Eastern Europe. It is home to many high-tech industries, higher education institutions, and world-famous historical landmarks. ECU focuses on ecommerce education in english students around the world especially from emerging countries. Thousands of Entrepreneurs running their own online business and making money after doing certification from ECU.

What is eCommerce entrepreneur certification ?

eCommerce entrepreneur certification, is a certification provided by ECU for ecommerce education. This certification include a course bundled with chapters and online tests to make students learn every aspect of online retail business. This make a student learning from starting of a online business to building own brand and making that brand successful. Join Now as ECU runs out from seats for current session.

What is an Online store mean ?

An online store is like your shop on world wide web internet. Your domain name is the name and address of your store. Customers from any corner of world can see your products and can buy them by making online payment using Payment Gateways. Owner of the store get information about order and customer’s shipping details. Owner ships product to customer, Inventory and account get managed by software or technology used to build online store. Click here to see which platform is best for your requirements.

What is the difference between Marketplace and standalone store ?

A marketplace is where all sellers list their products and marketplace display products of all sellers, customer buy products from marketplace and seller ship product and then seller get paid by marketplace. On the other hand standalone store means your store on your own domain. You can have your own designed storefront. You will be the owner of your store, payments will be made to you directly, you don’t need to wait for anyone to get paid. Your customer get chance to build relation directly with you.

What is hipKart’s 100% scholarship ?

hipKart is ecommerce platform from HipKloud, HipKloud is world’s no 1 product discovery network. It is only one platform which provides both option to a store, marketplace and standalone. It is bundled with various ecommerce tools to empower any store. HipKloud has joined hand with ECU to encourage ecommerce education. So ECU has 100% scholarship from hipKart, so you have a chance to get FREE enrollment for this course which is worth $1500.

Is there any practice included into ECU course ?

Our ecommerce entrepreneur certification course is bundled with step by step chapters and online tests to check your knowledge about chapter. Every chapter covers different aspect of ecommerce, which helps you to become expert in online business. Yes, we included a practice for building online store, buying domain, attaching domain with store, setting up store. This practice help you to setup your own free online store and you can start earning money after this practice.

What is eCommerce kit ?

This is wonderful kit, to start your online business. If you are lucky and win scholarship from hipKart then you will not only getting 100% free course but also this ecommerce kit from hipKart as well. This will include a free online store filled with $150 credit of store impression which helps you to run your store for free for very long time. You will be getting free theme for your store, free payment gateway setup. If you having this kit means you only need 1 domain and products to sell, everything else will be free for you for longest time.

Does this course help to earn real money ?

Yes !!! this is not a game play or any entertainment course. This is totally ecommerce focused course designed by highly professionals of ecommerce. This course is designed for every type of student whether a graduate, undergraduate, working professional, house wife etc. Our course covers every aspect of online store and help you become expert of online business. Our practical guide you how you can build a free online store and get a domain for you. This will setup a real online store for you where you going to sell products and can earn money.


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