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Welcome to ECU

There are thousands of Entrepreneurs running their own online business and making money after doing certification from ECU. We feel very product to provide eCommerce education to youth around the world and inspire them to become a successful entrepreneur. We welcome all, without any discrimination, anyone who is doing school or college or running a offline store or may be doing a job can do this certification and become an Entrepreneur. In Fact feel honoured to support women around the world with many home makers (housewives) are using our course to start their business to support their families.

– Halyna Shevtsova, Vice Chancellor

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Our course is especially created to keep in mind that it is very simple and easy to understand the course is organized in step by step chapters and a very effective and adds enthusiasm to do great among students, course provides support and help system incase you have some important unanswered question. Just post the important valid question and your Course Convenor get you the answers from experts and professors who know them best.

Cloud Library

We have our course content over cloud. You can access this from anywhere and any device, you do need not to keep this on papers or notebook. The courses are designed to work on mobile although for serious study laptop or computer is recommended.


You will be certified as a eCommerce Entrepreneur, and we provide both digital and physical certificate of this along with a eCommerce Entrepreneur kit worth $150 free cost

Detailed Chapters

We have divide our course into step by step chapters, so that a student can focus things one by one become expert in every aspect of eCommerce.

Train Your Brain

At ECU, we train your brain to work and implement things instead of filling up with theory knowledge, we encourage in building business. We give you steps to do you practical which gives you the ability to build your business onces you complete the practical.

Master the Skils

We believe in mastering of skills, as only knowing about facts is not enough to run own business, so we make you expert in business skills by proving you education, knowledge and a kit that gives you chance to easily test your skills without any investment.

Graduate the Best

This is one of the best course you going to graduate in, as this is not only providing you knowledge of eCommerce but also make you an eCommerce Entrepreneur by the time you complete the course . The practical in the course gives you knowledge to start you online business without any investment.


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What Make Us Different?

eCampus Life

The course gives you to live your life on our eCampus where you ask, share or get help from other students. The eCampus helps you to make new friends around the world and help each other to build own successful business and make money.

100% Scholarship Program

Our course has been nominated as best eCommerce course that is why we have a grant valued $2 million from HipKloud worlds largest eCommerce discovery network powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence). This grant helps us to offer our students 100% scholarship program.

Ecommerce Kit

There is no other course of eCommerce in the world which educated and also helps the student to start online business by providing them with free eCommerce kit worth hundreds of dollars for totally free, we are proud to be the only one and that is the reason we are so popular.

Seriously Money

No course on the Internet helps you to start making money they only educate you with theories and charge big fee but we are popular choices because we help you to start making money by the end the course completes.


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