A marketing head girl completed her dream after leaving her job

I am Zara, I was marketing head in Colgate, my job was mostly touring and meetings. Although I like traveling but traveling with work pressure is never a fun. I was earning well but I was not having self satisfaction with my job and earning. As all knows job is always a job, whatever better you perform your boss always expect more from you, even after giving your 100%, you end up with listening that next time do more better, and all the above of these you have to follow their rules and regulations you can’t do your own creativity to be applied or you can’t experiment. This leads to me to unsatisfied job.

One day during the tour of Bhopal, MP, one of my colleague told me in a joke that now a course can make you entrepreneur, he might seen some Ad, I asked him to share that to me, as being on a high marketing profile I have an habit of analysing things before making fun of them. He shared that Ad to me and as I dig into that I landed to ecuni.org, I go through the website and everything looking great then I found there is some scholarship by hipKart. I moved towards hipKart to know what it is. It was felt like God showing me path to complete my dreams.

I filled the enrollment form and was praying God that my profile must get selected. I got email with link of starting study. I continued studying the course, it was step by step guidance and I am getting confidence as I was moving ahead step by step. At the end it included a practical, which was awesome because as I completed that practical I was having my own online store or handicrafts, due to my touring job I collected different states handicrafts and started selling online. Now I am earning around Rs 1,30,000 from my online store. I have full satisfaction as I the boss of my own and I keep doing experiments with my store to increase sales. Thank you ECU and thank you hipKart for such a great move.