How a graduate boy from Hyderabad gained his social respect back

This is the Story of Vithal Rao from Secunderabad near by Hyderabad, He tells you what he faces in his life and how ECU’s eCommerce Entrepreneur Certification helped him to gain his respect and social status back. Below is his story.


I was an average student and passed my BCA with 55%, I am from Secunderabad nearby Hyderabad, Telangana. Due to average scores in graduation I was not able to get admission in good college for Masters and My father didn’t wanted to waste more money on me by choosing wrong college. My father works at a private shop so has basic income. I was very disappointed with my situation as my friends started their Masters and they left me alone.

I tried for some jobs but never get selected, our relatives also started commenting on me and my education. So at last my father decided for me that I would start driving an Uber/Ola cabs in Hyderabad to earn money. I was not happy with this decision and I not feel respected in driving cab but I had to start driving cab in Hyderabad as my father said and I was having no other choice.


This was not easy, driving cab full day was very hard, your legs gets too bad and I have to live alone far from my family, Many times at the end of day I got too tired that I don’t  left with strength even to have food and slept empty stomach. But I was having no choice as I can’t go back home. This is not enough sometime many other problems I faced like insult by riders, money releasing from company, strikes etc. Never feel any respect with this work always felt ashamed. My life was totally changed and I never wanted this time of life.



I always keep praying God for showing me some better way and finally he accepted my prayers. One day I picked 2 students from University of Hyderabad for a trip to Charminar, during the trip I listen both students were talking about a course and doing online business, I feel interested in that and asked them about the course into detail and they explained me about this eCommerce Entrepreneur Certification from ECU, and they told me that there is chance of winning 100% scholarship as well. I dropped both of them at Charminar and completed my ride then I Opened the website on my mobile and I was surprised that there is a systematic course which helps you to learn about online store from setup to success. I registered and enrolled myself for scholarship and luckily very next day I got email that I had won scholarship.



I started studying the course and by the time I completed practicals, I was having my own online store of Pottery Crafts, I got certification from ECU and after doing that my father also started supporting me for my online business. ECU helped me for everything during this course study, answered my all questions I had during studying chapters and now I am an expert in running online store of Pottery Crafts, selling our Indian crafts to world wide. I have become an self dependent entrepreneur and I started living with my family in my hometown. My life starts getting better day by day.


  • Business Changed 
  • Profession Changed
  • Hairstyle Changed
  • Life Style Changed


Today I am earning around ₹ 72,000 per month and not only money I am getting respect from our relatives and got new friends as well and now I am happily married and my wife is also helping me in my business and planning to start her own as well. I am very thankful to ECU certification and HipKart Scholarship for providing such opportunity to us and it changed my complete life.


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We are thankful to Vithal Rao, who shared his story with us and allowed us to share other people so that more people come to know about his story and can change their life. ECU is changing life of many people, and we are feeling very proud of this, you can also be like one of them, join ECU and change your life. If you are one of them who has tasted success after ECU course certification then you can also share your story. Click here to share your story.