We has added practical to build free online store

At ECU, we build entrepreneurs, we believe that everyone has something special. Only thing is we need to identify that and encourage person to work for themselves. Be your own boss. Our course for eCommerce entrepreneur certification is purely dedicated towards eCommerce business and we have explained everything into detail which is required to start an online business to making business successful. Our course is bundled with step by step chapters and online Tests for chapters to test the understanding of the chapters.

Even though we have covered almost every aspect for online store and providing detailed knowledge for everything needed. But as everyone knows having theory knowledge is important to understand the logic, fundamental and basics but to use that knowledge it’s very important to do practice of that.

Why practical knowledge is important ? Can you imagine someone teaching you to swim or drive a vehicle, within four walls of a classroom? It is impossible!! You have to get into the water to learn swimming and you have to be out on the road to learn driving. Some subjects are skill based and practice oriented. Theoretical knowledge of skill- based subjects needs to be supported by practice. Subjects like teaching and engineering are skill based. In these subjects, practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge.Practical work includes experiments in laboratories, study tours, projects, assignments etc. the advantages of practical work are unmatched. Getting theoretical knowledge has no value until students can apply it for practical purposes.

When you do something with your own hands you remember better.

  • Practical work promotes experiential learning.
  • Practical work encourages self-learning.
  • Practice leads to perfection.
  • Practical work is a good change from the monotonous lecture method.
  • Students are required to participate actively in practical activities.
  • Involvement of students is more important in practical work.
  • Practical work complements theory.
  • Practical work makes students independent and increases their confidence.

Students who complete engineering education often find that when they start working, they are at a loss in spite of getting very good marks in the examination. If the engineering colleges integrates theory with practice, students are better prepared for jobs. Practical knowledge in advance boosts their confidence.

We at ECU completely believe in practicing, that’s why we have added a practical along with our certification course, A student will be certified only after submitting his practical work. Our practical takes you step by step to create your own online store. Benefit will our practical is that it’s not only just an assignment it’s the real life practical and as you complete your practical you will be having your own running online store. Isn’t it great that along with knowledge and practice you will be going to set up your own online business.